DSP Beast
Beast DSP
    • 64 Channel Mixer, Latency-Free
    • 52 Bit Mixing Engine
    • 32 Bit Single Channel Precision
    • 256 IIR-filter; full-parametric (Gain, F, Q), 4 per channel
    • 7 Mix Sums
    • Flexible Input Routing: any Signal to any Mixer Input
    • Flexible Recording Routing: any Mixer Channel to any Recording Channel in DAW
    • Flexible Output Routing: any Signal + any Sum to any Output

The new cockpit of your studio: The BEAST

As the member of the SERAPH series it introduces the all new BEAST DSP, which will make additional mixing or monitoring hardware obsolete. Even a patchbay can be spared....

First of all, it includes a 64-2 channel mixer with one stereo aux and 3 more mono aux sums. These Aux sums are all pre/post assignable and can thus be used for headphone mixes or as effect sends. Furthermore every of the 64 channels provides an advanced filter section with

  • one low shelf EQ
  • two peak EQs
  • one high shelf EQ
Now, the specialty of the BEAST mixer can be found in a very sophisticated signal flow. Besides independent mute and solo functions on every sum, even the filter section can selectively be activated for each mixing sum. You could e.g. a ctivate filters only on the headphone mix and NOT on the mix that you hear in the studio. Or the other way around: You want to adjust a signal of a musician without her/him being irritated by a change of sound on the headphone mix. And there is more: The BEAST Routing

It allows sending any signal of the mixer to any output − again with OR without the filters. A signal can even be sent several times.

In addition, the BEAST offers the most comprehensive total recall functionality:
All mixer and routing settings can be quickly saved as "snapshots" and recalled with just one click. In addition to all audio settings, this also includes visual settings and labels that you have created for a better overview. Furthermore, all settings can be saved to a file, e.g. for a specific project, and read in again on other systems.

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