Individual solutions - perfect for your specific needs.

The modern audio technology shows constantly progressing developments and a high speed of innovation with short product release periods. We understand ourselves, to not only follow this development but to also have a say in it through innovative products.

Marian is one of the successful competitors on the market of digital audio and MIDI solutions and has years of experience in product development and co-operation with international OEM partners in the field of broadcast, music production, post production, quality assurance, security as well as from the traffic and transportation industries.

We are not only able to offer high quality products for end customers, but also to develop individual, advanced solutions for OEM partners, designed for specific demands bringing competition advantages.

The entire development and production "Made in Germany" allows us to manufacture audio solutions "tuned in" flexibly and individually to client wishes, meeting high quality demands while still guaranteeing a superb price to outcome relation.

The systematic handling of all product-technical relevant routines via interacting teams not only ensures high availability, flexibility and security, but also long-time and competent support.

Our offers include counselling concerning specifications and integration of Marian technology into systems and routines. Our specialists provide competent advise, no matter which product or technology is concerned.

We offer solutions for:

  • Adjustment of existing Marian products to special application purposes
  • New and re-development of audio products according to client wishes

Especially we are offering:

  • PCIe bus technology for broadcast and music production
  • Audio Transfer - analogue and digital
  • MIDI transfer
  • Proof and measurement techniques

Besides we offer software solutions, created according to client wishes. Examples for successful solutions:

  • "Tape Reader" for the listener library of the Austrian "Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband" (blind and visually handicaped people organization) and the "Deutschen Zentralbücherei für Blinde" (German central libray for blind people)
  • "Title Pro" for the company Arnold, used in opera houses in Chemnitz, Bremen and Leipzig

We would like to invite you to talk to us. Just give us a call to arrange a meeting with our specialists. ( contact information)

Product example PMS32

Level measuring system for analogue audio signals

This solution, developed especially for broadcast usage, offers high precision level capturing, level analyses and level metering. Up to four PMS32 can be connected to a computer allowing the metering of up to 128 audio channels. Examples for screen configurations:

64 channels (LED)

32 channels

16 channels stereo

8 channels

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