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  • Driver Update for Seraph Products

    08-24-2020 The most recent update of the driver software for all Seraph products brings several improvements of the graphical user interface.
  • Software Update for Seraph Series

    11-28-2019 The new driver version comes with visual improvements that are interesting for users with high resolution 4K monitors. New is a hotkey editor that allows you to define system-wide keystrokes to open the mixer, routing etc. But also under the hood there are improvements regarding performance and resource consumption.
  • New Driver Software Version

    05-07-2019 This update removes an error which could occur in 32 bit Windows™ systems. Updating 64 bit Windows™ systems is not necessary.
  • Driver Update for products of the Seraph series

    01-30-2019 With dynamic WDM-Audio device management, variable channel assignment for WDM multichannel devices within one Windows session and further ASIO improvments, this new driver version delivers once more higher flexibility and stability.
  • Update for Seraph Products

    07-24-2018 The new driver software version 4.04 enables much more flexible ASIO clock setups. This is an essential help in complex digital environments and when using multiple Seraph Sound Systems within the same computer.
  • Tweak your PCIe Performance

    07-03-2018 A new driver update for products of the Seraph series is now available for download. With a new and unique feature your are able to get the maximum performance from the PCI-Express-Bus of your computer.
  • Feature Update for Seraph Series

    03-02-2018 The new driver version v4.02 impesses with new functions like flexible channel assignments for WDM Audio multichannel and stereo devices as well as a new routing matrix with level control. For professional use, we ensured the compatibility with VMware ESXi Servers. The Seraph M2 now comes with support of native 192/384 kHz MADI frames.
  • Driver Update for products of the Trace and Seraph series

    03-08-2017 The new driver version v3.08 makes it much easier to manage Seraph products at remote audio systems. With Firmware-Update-On-The-Fly you can now update the hardware of the Seraph without having to restart your system afterwards - your Seraph system is ready to work immediately. Additional new features and improvements in detail ensure best experiences with your Seraph system.
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  • New developments at MARIAN

    Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and in cooperation with a strong development partner from Leipzig, MARIAN is developing a new platform for the ultra-fast transport of up to 1024 channels of high-resolution audio material via PCI Express. This development leads to a new product series whose connectivity will include not only classic connection variants but also variants for connection to audio IP networks. The first products of this new series will be available in 2021 - be curious! EFRE Logo
  • NAMM Show 2020 At the NAMM Show from 16.01.-19.01.2020, our European distributor CMA Audio will present MARIAN products on booth 14824 - the opportunity to learn everything about MARIAN Sound Systems. Come and talk to the experts from CMA Audio on site. They will be happy to advise you on the use of MARIAN products in your area of application.
  • MARIAN Audio Systems - versatile, flexible, reliable

    MARIAN products are appreciated worldwide, especially in the broadcasting and music production sectors. The exceptional flexibility and reliability of MARIAN products also opens them up for use in completely different areas. Read more about the application, for example, with these suppliers of professional audio technology:

    AviaVox BV
    Axel Technology Srl
    Music Engine / SV Consult GmbH

    Axel Tech Desk
  • NEW: The most versatile solution for analog and AES3 signals

    Seraph AD8 The SERAPH AD8 is two soundcards in one. An eight channel input/output analog card AND an eight channel digital interface. It combines our latest high quality analog circuit design with superior audio conversion and superfast, reliable digital signal processing.
    More ...
  • NEW: Compact and Flexible - the new 32 Channel AES/EBU Sound System

    Seraph D8-C In contrast to its predecessor, the Seraph D8, the "C" version provides a high degree of mechanical flexibility and compactness with its variable mountable connection for AES/EBU signals.
    More ...
  • Cma audio takes over european distribution for MARIAN

    cma logo MARIAN has teamed up with a new competent partner for the distribution of our professional PCIe DSP systems. On the 1st of November 2018 the cma audio GmbH will take over all sales and commercial activities of MARIAN products in Germany and Europe.

    Cma audio distributes high quality audio devices of famous brands in central europe. Cma Audio has made itself a name as the exclusive partner for awarded manufacturers like Ultrasone, Audeze, Ferrofish, Lake People, Violectric, PMC, FBT und Mogam. Common characteristic of all cma employees is a passion for music and electronics. Modern logistics and a large stock guarantee short delivery times and make cma audio a reliable partner for renowned dealers and famous audio companies. We are looking forward to a successful and customer orientated cooperation with cma audio. Of course, all our customers with technical questions may continue to contact us directly.

  • The World's First 384kHz MADI PCIe Soundcard by MARIAN

    Seraph M2 mit 384 kHz MARIAN takes one step ahead for high resolution audio. Besides 48 and 96 kHz the selectable samplerates now also offer 192 and even 384 kHz, making the Seraph M2 interface the first PCIe soundcard world-wide with 384kHz MADI support. With a simple firmware update, all existing Seraph M2 versions either with BNC or SC connectors become compatible with leading industry products like the AX32 converter from DAD. As of now, the update can be downloaded for free.
  • SERAPH AD2 tested by BBC and Audio Expert Alistair McGhee

    Alistair McGhee worked for the BBC for over 25 years in engineering, production and management. He has also worked in UN radio in South Sudan. He currently reviews audio equipment for Audio Media and works in location sound and provides specialist web services for the pro audio retail sector.

    Review (Englisch)

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