Important Hints for MARIAN Family I driver version 4.42 for Windows™

1. System Requirements
2. Installation
3. Driver Uninstall
4. What's new?
5. Samplerate Considerations
6. MME, WDM-Audio and DirectSound

1. System Requirements

2. Installation

3. Driver Uninstall

4. What's new?

Version 4.42:

Version 4.41:

Version 4.39:

Version 4.38:

Version 4.37:

Version 4.35:

Version 4.34:

Version 4.33:

Version 4.32:

Version 4.20:

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Version 4.04:

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Version 2.87:

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Version 2.68:

Version 2.67:

Version 2.66:

Version 2.65:

Version 2.64:

Version 2.63:

Version 2.62:

Version 2.61:

5. Samplerate Considerations

On recent versions of Windows™, audio applications are able to set a certain sample format only, if they use ASIO or WASAPI in exclusive mode. In all other cases Windows handles the audio devices in so called "Shared Mode" and the sample format is set in the advanced settings of an audio device (Windows™ control panel) or in the driver settings "WDM Audio". If the desired sample format of an audio application is not equal to the sample format of an audio device, a sample fomrat conversion with possibly an audible loss of quality will be the result!

6. MME, WDM-Audio and DirectSound

Audio applications, who do not use ASIO or direct WDM-Audio, now communicate with Microsoft MME or Microsoft WDM Audio drivers instead of communicate with the MARIAN drivers directly. The Microsoft drivers in turn communicate with the MARIAN drivers.
For audio applications, who use these Microsoft drivers, apply:

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