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  • Driver Update for Seraph and Trace products

    02-25-2016 For all products of the Seraph series, Trace 8 and Trace Alpha you can download now the new driver software v3.03. This version focus important improvements for ASIO, Windows™ 8 and Windows™ 10.
  • Trace Alpha and Trace 8 now ready for Windows™ 10

    10-08-2015 The new driver version 3 is now available for these Trace series cards too.
  • Windows™ 10 Compatibility for the SERAPH Sound Systems

    10-05-2015 Version 3 now offers the full windows 10 driver support for all SERAPH systems. Besides a more economic usage of graphic resources, many improvements have been implemented in the control surface.
  • New Driver Software

    07-20-2015 The new version v2.87 is now available for download.
  • Software Update for Seraph and Trace Audio Interfaces

    06-24-2015 Download the new driver version 2.85, available for all products of the SERAPH series as well as the TRACE 8 and TRACE Alpha and profit from its many enhancements. Additionally, this version includes the support for the new SERAPH 8+.
  • Driver Update for Seraph and Trace products

    12-02-2014 A new driver software update with extended ASIO functionality is available for Seraph Series products, Trace 8 and Trace Alpha.
  • New feature for Seraph products

    10-29-2014 The latest software update v2.70 extends the multifunctionality of the Beast once again. With ASIO Direct Monitoring you can now include the Beast mixer in your recording project like a real inline mixing desk.
  • New Driver Software for Windows™ XP - Windows™ 8

    07-04-2014 For all products of the Seraph Series, Trace 8 and Trace Alpha you can download now a new driver software. Beside several improvements, the driver for the Seraph Series comes with a new Pro Feature ...
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  • SERAPH AD2 tested by BBC and Audio Expert
    Alistair McGhee

    Alistair McGhee worked for the BBC for over 25 years in engineering, production and management. He has also worked in UN radio in South Sudan. He currently reviews audio equipment for Audio Media and works in location sound and provides specialist web services for the pro audio retail sector.


  • MARIAN Products with MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2 Silver

    Samplitude Pro X2 Silver


    From now on, each retail version of a Trace series product or Seraph Series product includes MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2 Silver. You get this valuable software on top - for free.
    Learn more about the fantastic features of this bundle version of MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2.



  • Seraph 8+

    Just a small "+" marks the name, but a super-plus is added to audio-quality and life-time of the successor of our best-steller. Available since June 2015, the multi-channel analog system SERAPH 8+ comes with new AD/DA converters and a re-designed analog circuit, that lifts the definition of crystal-clear sound to a whole new level.
    Using the newest high-grade components, the SERAPH 8+ is now prepared to have a runtime of up to 200.000h.
    Like all MARIAN products, the SERAPH 8+ was developed in Germany and is being produced in Germany according to the rules of quality management of the ISO 9001.
    Small "+", big impact: the SERAPH 8+

  • Seraph M2

    MARIAN PCIe MADI Product Line

    Seraph M2 Versions

    The new MARIAN product line Seraph M2 defines a new level of multichannel audio processing. Upto 256 audio channels waiting for an ultra fast transfer through your PC or Mac via different MADI connectors. Especially these product highlights make the Seraph M2 to a professional platform: 96 kHz S/MUX Support, ASIO Direct Hardware Access, Hardware 32 bit Float Sample Format and MIDI Control via MADI.
    Now available!

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