On air with MARIAN: high-quality audio cards from germany used in broadcast solutions worldwide

The sophisticated audio solutions from MARIAN offer top quality and maximum reliability even for the most demanding applications. The Italian manufacturer and integrator Axel Technology uses these outstanding properties for its systems in broadcast usage around the world.

Broadcasting is relentless: even a short blackout could send a large part of the audience to the competition. Axel Technology from Italy designs complete turnkey systems for the complex technology behind every broadcast to make them as reliable and fail-safe as possible. For the audio part, the company trusts in the first-class DSP systems from MARIAN.

Broadcast technology from Bologna: Axel Rechnology for radio and tv

Since 1996, Axel Technology supplies radio and TV broadcasting stations around the world with the required equipment. Starting out as a manufacturer of radio production technology, the company today offers complete solutions as well.

With clients in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and of course Italy, Axel Technology distributes its products
and know-how worldwide.

One-stop broadcast solutions

Axel Technology, as sales area manager Simona Lippi explains: “Historically speaking, we are a manufacturer. But for ten or fifteen years now we also provide system integration directly – seeing as we do have the knowledge and necessary experience.”

This development resulted from clients’ needs. “It is much more convenient for the customer to talk to only one company instead of three or even more. That is why we offer full system solutions: hardware, software and system integration.”

Always on air: MARIAN audio solutions

A holistic approach as pursued by Axel Technology requires strong partners. For the audio part, the experts from Bologna decided to work with MARIAN from Germany.

“MARIAN products are very solid and reliable,” Lippi praises their partners. “What is more, the customer service is very responsive and customer-oriented.” As was proved recently when Axel Technology demoed for an Indian radio station. “We had to make some last minute adjustments,” Lippi recounts. “MARIAN was very helpful in this situation.”

Reliable audio solutions, reliable service – Axel Technology trusts in the German DSP systems for good reason.

Top sound for radio and tv

Reliability is only helpful when the products also offer top-quality sound. The MARIAN audio solutions provide outstanding sound. At Axel Technology, the engineers even employ MARIAN DSP systems for their internal testing applications. “We also use MARIAN audio cards for testing purposes, for example in our software development,” Lippi reveals. “When we develop new tools, we have different test areas with MARIAN products.”

Sound quality, reliability, longevity – MARIAN products provide Axel Technology with just the right components for its sophisticated broadcast systems and discerning clients.