MARIAN sound systems offer more than just professional digital and analog audio connections. Complex signal routing, mixing function and cascadability are just as much a part of it as are specialized multi-client driver software and diverse synchronization options.

The Future in Networking


Real-time digital transmission of up to 1,024 uncompressed audio channels over conventional Ethernet infrastructures makes Dante one of the most versatile audio distribution systems.
The Clara E PCIe audio system uses Dante technology developed by Audinate. The Clara E's two separate network ports ensure full hardware redundancy, so that if one Ethernet line fails, operations can continue immediately without switching. In addition, the Clara E also offers groundbreaking flexibility beyond the Dante connection: The two Ethernet ports are AES67-compatible, so that they can be used alternatively with Ravenna and other audio-over-IP formats.

Modular and Sustainable


The TDM SyncBus interconnects up to 8 sound systems within one computer. Up to 32 audio signals can be exchanged between the connected systems. Furthermore, the TDM SyncBus guarantees perfect clock/start/stop synchronization of the channels of all connected audio interfaces and makes them accessable as a complete system with the ASIO driver.

Heavenly Sound, Beastly Power


The "BEAST" is a latency-free DSP mixer for the SERAPH and CLARA series offering up to 64 channels with 32 bit resolution each. As per channel, 4 fully parametric EQs are available, modeled after the sound of analog mixing consoles. The channels can be mixed to up to 8 sums, each with 52 Bit dynamics and up to 24 dB of headroom.

Each channel and mix sum may be routed to any output or fed back to a DAW software. Signals can also be duplicated, allowing the BEAST Routing to function as a programmable digital patchbay. Additionally, it is possible to activate the EQ of each channel for each mix sum separately. This allows sound processing to be audible on the main sum while inactive on the pre/post switchable aux sums.

Analog Workflow


ASIO Direct Monitoring (ADM) allows sound systems with the “BEAST” Mixer to work just like an analog inline mixing console. The channel of an inline mixer carries both: the live input signal, as well as the playback signal from the recording application (previously the tape machine). Using ADM with any compatible recording software (DAW) will make the “BEAST” Mixer automatically switch between these two signals. Thus, if the DAW is recording, you will hear the latency-free live input signal. If the DAW is playing back, you will hear the recorded audio of that track.

Extension and Double Benefit


The MWX allows the sound system to be clocked independently of the internal clock or the clock of the digital connections. This optional expansion is available for every MARIAN sound system and offers perfect integration into a modern digital audio studio through WordClock/Super Clock input and output. In addition, peripheral MIDI devices can be integrated into the DAW via the 2 MIDI inputs and outputs.

Precise and Flexible


Thanks to ultra-precise clocking with jitter values below 1ns, a CLARA sound card easily outperforms some dedicated clock generators. Even when synced externally, advanced PLL circuitry ensures the best possible audio processing precision on the sound system by refreshing and retracing the clock.

Audioquality without Compromise


The sound quality of the analog connections of SERAPH or CLARA sound systems convince musicians, producers and mastering sound engineers alike. But also the industry appreciates balanced connections with up to 384 kHz / 32 Bit and 24 dBu. For some sound systems, there is the choice of having XLR or TRS connections.

Lossless audio quality


MARIAN sound systems with digital interfacing such as AES/EBU, always provide high-quality sample rate converters on the inputs for flexible clock management while retaining consistently high dynamic range. The galvanically decoupled connections have extremely low jitter values (below 1 ns for the CLARA Series), are absolutely bit transparent and meet the highest quality demands of mastering studios worldwide.

Pro Format


The products of the SERAPH M2 series offer MADI connections that support both the 56- and 64-channel modes. Depending on the connected device, the respective mode and samplerate are automatically detected - even above 48 kHz. In order to connect the latest professional audio technology, MARIAN MADI interfaces implement sample rates of up to 384 kHz.

High Performance Software


All MARIAN sound systems benefit from a decade-long optimization process, that began with Windows 3.1 and continues to this day.
The sophisticated driver offers support for a wide range of audio interfaces such as ASIO, MME, Multichannel WDM Audio / WASAPI and is optimized for stability and lowest latencies. The versatile user interface allows easy access, easy configuration and targeted optimization of all parameters. In addition, the manager provides control of the integrated mixing, routing and sound processing functions of the BEAST.