MARIAN makes music: high-quality audio cards in computers for hotels, bars and restaurants

MARIAN audio solutions are revered for their excellent sound and outstanding reliability. Both these properties are of immense value for Music Engine – specialized computer solutions for providing music entertainment in hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and shops.

Music is omnipresent in gastronomy. Contemporary songs create a more upbeat atmosphere at the bar, easy jazz discreetly sets the mood in the lounge, while in the restaurant classics act as a continuation of the culinary cultural spirit. All these different ambiences are often controlled from one computer, the Music Engine – with a MARIAN audio card.

Sound hospitality with music engine

For 14 years, Music Engine has been providing shops, restaurants and hotels with specialized computer hardware and software systems for the appropriate musical foundation.

Today, Music Engine is well and widely established, as managing director Richard Pedri proudly reports. “We have around 2.500 customers in total, hotels, bars, pubs and department stores. Our main focus lies on Austria, but we also have clients in Germany, and we are very prominent in South Tyrol.”

Especially luxury hotels like to rely on the dependable, easy-to-use systems from Austria: establishments like the five-star resort Schloss Fuschl in Hof near Salzburg support the ravishing ambiance of their rooms and amenities with music from a Music Engine – and a MARIAN audio solution.

Various areas – different music: multichannel audio

One main requirement for a music system in the hotel industry is the possibility to provide different musical content for separate areas. Music Engine features this option from a clear and easy-to-use interface. “Keep in mind that hotels have an entrance area, a bar, a lounge, hallways, and more,” Pedri explains the importance of different zones. “All these areas need to be supplied with different music. We have developed the perfect multichannel player for this application.”

The appropriate multichannel audio hardware consists of MARIAN Seraph 8+ cards, which feature more than sufficient audio paths for playing back music in the different zones. Music Engine develops the full systems in-house and also provides in-depth customer service, as Pedri emphasises. “We service the systems and constantly supply updates, the customer can enjoy their system worry-free.”

Nonstop sound – with MARIAN reliability

An important aspect for Music Engine when choosing to work with MARIAN was the German audio cards’ outstanding sonic quality. “For top-tier hotels, audio integrators use top-quality amplifiers and loudspeakers,” Pedri explains. “This also requires top-­quality from the playback system.”

This quality must then prove itself in a demanding environment. “Our systems operate constantly. Since they usually run nonstop for five or ten years, we use industry components for our computers. Twelve to 18 hours a day of continuous operation – that requires great equipment for unfailing performance.”

MARIAN audio cards never let Music Engine down, Pedri states. “They just don’t break.”

MARIAN keeps Time

An unusual use for MARIAN AD/DA converter cards is the application in the music servers of Trifal, Music Engine’s very own streaming service. The cards are employed even though streaming digital music via the Internet usually does not require conversion. “It sounds illogical at first,” Pedri admits, only to immediately explain the backgrounds of this application. “When the card is installed in the servers, we can keep the digital clock stable for 72 hours.”

Continuous streaming over long periods of time face the problem of interrupted connections, which is why receivers are often restarted early in the morning to avoid connection errors. “When MARIAN audio hardware is installed, it provides the clock for the bit transmission, which stabilises the stream for 72 hours.”

Thus MARIAN audio cards provide great sound and reliability in local devices, and beyond that even improve the quality of centralized streaming servers.

Music Engine and MARIAN – quality from Austria and Germany.