Clara Dmaj

Uncompromised digital audio in a slim format with 32 AES/EBU channels


  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz Resolution
  • 8 AES/EBU In- and Outputs (32 Channels)
  • 2 MIDI In- and Outputs (MWX Version)
  • Switchable Input SRC with 144 dB Dynamic Range
  • 64 Channel DSP Mixing Desk with EQ
  • Cascadeable (via TDM SyncBus)
  • Compatible with current Thunderbolt PCIe Adapters
  • Wordclock/Superclock Input
  • Wordclock / Superclock Output (MWX Version)
  • Ultra Low Jitter
  • free life-long quality support

The Beast

Analog-Style Mixing

The Beast DSP mixer is integrated into the hardware of every Seraph and Clara sound system. This provides latency-free routing, EQ processing, pre/post aux summing and many other functions for all input signals and also the playback signals from the DAW, just like in an analog mixer.


When it comes to lossless recording and playback of very many audio signals in a space-saving system, the solution is called: AES/EBU with the Clara Dmaj.

In the space of just one PCIe slot width, the Clara Dmaj provides the connection for 32 audio channels. The AES/EBU inputs and outputs 1 to 4 as well as a word clock input are located on the motherboard. Connectors 5 to 8 break out on a D-Sub connector which has no active electronics. Consequently, it can freely be placed in the computer’s case, separated from the motherboard. Or it may take any place next to other PCIe components with the slot bracket.

Precision Clock

The internal clocking of the Clara sound system has an amazingly low jitter of less than one nanosecond. This is beneficial to the audio quality of the system and that of any connected digital device. Often the clock of the Clara D is many times more precise than the internal clock of the connected device and thus makes the purchase of a separate clock generator unnecessary.

The highest Audio Quality

The Clara Dmaj is the elegant partner for pure digital signal processing of many AES/EBU signals. HD audio quality with 24 Bit and sample resolutions of up to 192 kHz guarantee a pristine sound. High-quality sample rate converters provide flexible clock management while maintaining a full dynamic range of 144 dB.

Switchable Samplerate Converter (SRC)

The SRCs, which can be switched on via software, allow any digital input signal to be fed into the sound system regardless of samplerate and clock settings. Thus, even without separate synchronization lines, any digital devices may be connected effortlessly.

Expansion options

If several Clara D are installed in one computer, they are synchronized via the TDM SyncBus and appear as a combined sound system to an ASIO application. In the Beast Mixer, up to 32 audio signals can be exchanged with other Clara sound systems and thus also be integrated for the use with ASIO.

Realtime Routing, Mixing and EQ

Each input signal of the sound system can be adjusted in volume and routed latency-free to any output. The BEAST DSP mixer also sums up to 64 signals to 8 different busses and plays them back on any number of outputs without delay. Furthermore, the BEAST Mixer adds playback signals from any DAW. In each channel of the BEAST mixer there are 4 parametric EQ available for sonic processing.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Technical specifications

  • PCIe Audio Interface
  • 1 Lane (PCIe 1x) according to PCI Express Base Specification 2.1
  • PCIe Busmaster DMA with Direct ASIO Support
  • Samplerates 22 to 192 kHz
  • Sample Resolutions of 8 to 32 Bit towards the Audio Application
  • Switchable Input SRC with 144 dB(A) Dynamic Range and 1:16 / 16:1 Conversion
  • Beast DSP powered
  • 64 Freely configurable DSP Channels: Input, TDM- and Playsignals
  • TDM SyncBus
  • Multi-Card Support
  • Wordclock / Superclock Input
  • BNC Input: without DC offset, Schmitt-Triggered, Over Voltage Protection
  • BNC Input Frequency Range: 0 to 30 Mhz
  • BNC Input Impedance: 5 kOhm, Software Controlled Termination to 75 Ohms
  • BNC Input Voltage Range: 1,5 Vss to 5,0 Vss
  • Clock Jitter
  • Synchronization Sources: Intern, WordClock/Superclock, AES/EBU; TDM SyncBus

Digital Inputs

  • 8 AES/EBU (16 Channels)
  • Up to 32 Channels via TDM SyncBus
  • 2x MIDI (MWX Version)
  • BNC WordClock

Digital Outputs

  • 8 AES/EBU (16 Channels)
  • Up to 32 Channels via TDM SyncBus
  • BNC WordClock (MWX Version)
  • 2x MIDI (MWX Version)


Windows 10/11

Systems: Windows 10 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows 11, Windows Server

Interfaces: ASIO 2.2, DirectSound, MME, WDM Kernel Streaming

Version 4.38

Size: 9.794 kB

Windows 7 - 8.1

Systems: Windows 7 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows 8 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows Server

Interfaces: ASIO 2.2, DirectSound, MME, WDM Kernel Streaming

Version 4.38

Size: 9.732 kB

Product images and Technologies

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