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24 Kanal ADAT-Flexibilität für das anspruchsvolle Recording-Studio


  • 24 Bit / 96kHz (S-MUX)
  • 3 ADAT In- and Outputs (48 Channels)
  • 2 MIDI In- and Outputs (MWX Version)
  • Beast DSP Mixer with EQ
  • Cascadeable (via TDM SyncBus)
  • Compatible with current Thunderbolt PCIe Adapters

The Beast

Analog-Style Mixing

In der Hardware jedes Seraph- und Clara- Soundsystems ist der Beast DSP Mixer integriert. Damit sind für alle Eingangssignale und auch die Wiedergabesignale der DAW wie bei einem analogen Mischpult latenz-freies Routing, EQ Bearbeitungen, Pre-/Post Aux Summen und viele weitere Funktionen realisiert.


Die SERAPH A3 ist dank dem integrierten "BEAST"-Mischpult die Zentrale des modernen Recordingstudios. Es bietet 24 oder 12 Kanäle (je nach Samplerate) und bis zu 7 unabhängige Misch-Summen. Vier analog-modellierte, voll-parametrische EQs pro Kanal sowe ASIO Direct Monitoring sorgen für einen analogen, Latenz-freien Workflow.

Flexible and Expandable: The TDM SyncBus

The SyncBus allows up to eight connected sound systems to exchange synchronization signals, start/stop information and audio signals. These signals appear as input signal in each BEAST mixer of each connected card and can be processed there like “normal” input signals. If the 8 sound systems are of the same type, they appear as a combined system to an ASIO application, for using all inputs and outputs simultaneously.

Fast and Reliable Multi-Client Treiber Suite

The continuously enhanced driver includes multi-client support for ASIO 2.2 as well as multi-channel WDM audio / WASAPI with the lowest latencies in all software environments. This ensures that multiple audio applications can access the sound system simultaneously via the same or different driver interfaces.

Powerful and Future-Proof

Every MARIAN sound system is a quality product developed 100% in Germany and manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This is guaranteed by its warranty period of 5 years.

Technical specifications

  • PCIe Audio Interface
  • 1 Lane (PCIe 1x) according to PCI Express Base Specification 1.1
  • PCIe Bus Voltage: +3,3 V / 0,65 A + 12 V / 0,03 A
  • Temperature Range: -25 °C bis +60 °C
  • PCIe Busmaster DMA with Direct ASIO Support
  • Samplerates 44.1 / 48 kHz and 88.2 / 96 kHz (S/MUX)
  • Sample Resolutions of 8 to 32 Bit towards the Audio Application
  • Beast DSP powered
  • 64 DSP Channels: 24x Input, 8x TDM and 32x Play
  • TDM SyncBus
  • Multi-Card Support
  • Synchronization Sources: Intern, 3x ADAT in, TDM SyncBus
  • Other Synchronization Sources: Wordclock (MWX Version)

Digital Inputs

  • 3x ADAT (up to 24 Channels)
  • Up to 8 Channels via TDM SyncBus
  • 2x MIDI (MWX Version)
  • BNC WordClock (MWX Version)

Digital Outputs

  • 3x ADAT (Up to 24 Channels)
  • Up to 8 Channels via TDM SyncBus
  • BNC WordClock (MWX Version)
  • 2x MIDI (MWX Version)


Windows 10/11

Systems: Windows 10 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows 11, Windows Server

Interfaces: ASIO 2.2, DirectSound, MME, WDM Kernel Streaming

Version 4.38

Size: 6.828 kB

Windows 7 - 8.1

Systems: Windows 7 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows 8 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows Server

Interfaces: ASIO 2.2, DirectSound, MME, WDM Kernel Streaming

Version 4.38

Size: 6.766 kB

Product images and Technologies

MWX 2-2

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