The world’s first 384 kHz MADI PCIe audio interface


  • 24 Bit / 384 kHz Resolution (Digital Connectors)
  • 2 MADI In- and Outputs (256 channels)
  • SC or BNC Versions available
  • Single Mode Transceiver (1300nm) available
  • 2 MIDI In- and Outputs (MWX Version)
  • 2x MIDI over MADI
  • Cascadeable (via TDM SyncBus)
  • Compatible with current Thunderbolt PCIe Adapters
  • Windows Drivers
  • free life-long quality support

Up to 256 channels, integrated clock synchronization, stable connections over long distances, samplerates of up to 384 kHz, lowest transmission latencies – all these advantages are now available with the Seraph M2 at an amazingly low price. In addition, the Seraph M2 is available in two versions: with optical SC connectors (M2-F) or coaxial BNC connectors (M2).

Compatible to all MADI Formats up to 384 kHz

Both versions of the Seraph M2 have two MADI inputs and outputs, realizing a different number of transmission channels depending on the samplerate. 224 or 256 channels are possible at up to 48 kHz, depending on the connected device. By default, each doubling of the samplerate results in a halving of the channels. At 384 kHz, this ensures the transmission of 32 high-quality audio signals.

Advanced synchronization capabilities and MIDI via MADI

With the optional MWX Extender the Seraph M2 and M2-F are extended by a wordclock output. This allows the synchronization of external digital devices by the sound system independentl of the MADI connections. In addition, the MWX Extender has two MIDI inputs and outputs. Finally, MIDI signals can be embedded into the MADI signal via a DAW and thus be transmitted over long distances.

Real-time routing and signal control in hardware

A comfortable user interface is available for convenient latency-free routing of up to 128 input signals to different outputs as well as for adjusting their respective volume. It is part of a comprehensive driver suite optimized for Windows systems and minimal latencies in any ASIO DAW.

Technical specifications

  • PCIe Audio Interface
  • 1 Lane (PCIe 1x) according to PCI Express Base Specification 1.1
  • Temperature Range: -25 °C bis +60 °C
  • PCIe Busmaster DMA with Direct ASIO Support
  • Samplerates 44.1 to 384 kHz
  • Sample Resolutions of 8 to 32 Bit towards the Audio Application
  • 2x MIDI via MADI
  • Flexible Routing of Input- and Playback Signals to Outputs
  • TDM SyncBus (Synchronization only)
  • Multi-Card Support
  • Synchronization Sources: Intern, 2x MADI Eingang, TDM SyncBus
  • Other Synchronization Sources: Wordclock (MWX Version)

Digital Inputs

  • 2x MADI (BNC or SC)
  • 128 Channels @ 48 kHz
  • 16 Channels @ 384 kHz
  • 64 Channels @ 96 kHz
  • 32 Channels @ 192 kHz
  • BNC WordClock (MWX Version)
  • 2x MIDI (MWX Version)
  • TDM SyncBus (Synchronization only)

Digital Outputs

  • 2x MADI (BNC or SC)
  • 128 Channels @ 48 kHz
  • 64 Channels @ 96 kHz
  • 32 Channels @ 192 kHz
  • 16 Channels @ 384 kHz
  • TDM SyncBus (Synchronization only)
  • BNC WordClock (MWX Version)
  • 2x MIDI (MWX Version)


Windows 10/11

Systems: Windows 10 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows 11

Interfaces: ASIO 2.2, DirectSound, MME, WDM Kernel Streaming

Version 4.54

Size: 10.113 kB

Windows 7 - 8.1

Systems: Windows 7 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows 8 (32 / 64 Bit), Windows Server

Interfaces: ASIO 2.2, DirectSound, MME, WDM Kernel Streaming

Version 4.38

Size: 6.658 kB

Product images and Technologies

MWX 2-2

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